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Our Spirits

a list of our premium small-batch spirits.

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Continental Whiskey 41 ABV (82 Proof)

With a nod to our namesake, Sir Francis Marion, Swamp Fox Distilling Co is pleased to present our “Revolutionary” American Whiskey! Following in the old Swamp Fox’s footsteps we have taken our unconventional aging techniques to create a rather young whiskey that can hold it’s own against many older expressions. Small casks, added oak chips and taking only the best part of the distillation provide a whiskey that is fully matured and full of flavor. One taste and we are sure you will agree that Swamp Fox makes “The Best Damn Spirits In The World!”.

Bottled at 82 proof to commemorate Sir Francis Marion’s last year of military service, F. Marion Continental Whiskey is exceptionally full bodied. Aromas of smokey vanilla and black tea are followed by prominent notes of butterscotch and toffee with undertones of sweet vanilla as it crosses the palate. F. Marion rests in the mouth with an unparalleled smoothness that fades to gentle hints of sweet nutmeg. Simply put, in this bottle lies proof that there is still good in the world!

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Rye Whiskey 50 ABV (100 Proof)

King’s Town refers to the local history (legend) of a Native American village called King’s Town existing on or near the site of the distillery before the City of Buena Vista was established. This group of Creek, Uchee, and Muscogee Native Americans settled the area, attracted by the fertile soil of the Chattahoochee River basin and the high ground of the current town center. King’s Town was once used as a meeting place for tribal chiefs, whom were often called “Kings”.

“King’s Town Rye” is a proprietor’s blend of four grains: rye, barley, wheat and corn dealt at 100 proof. Aromas of butterscotch, charred maple, and sweet leather prelude flavors of spiked Autumn syrup complete with earthy notes and a gradual unveiling of allspice. Like all Swamp Fox Spirits, King’s Town is handcrafted in small batches to ensure that our standard for premium quality, distinction, and flavor is met.