Swamp Fox Distilling Company

Compass Rose - Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 44.5% ABV


As featured in “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”

Offered at 89 proof, Compass Rose could be the world’s most unique bourbon. Using a novel method that we call Active Aging, my son and I loaded two 30 gallon American white oak barrels of mature Straight Bourbon Whiskey into the back of our Toyota Land Cruiser on May 24th, 2021 and set out on a 5,071 mile road trip, 386 miles of which were off road that traversed 15 states. We journeyed west to Hot Springs, AR, through Montrose, CO onto the Rimrocker Trail for 160.9 off road miles through canyons and over mountains into Moab, UT. As we racked up the miles and the memories we pushed south into Sedona, AZ where we turned back east traveling through El Paso, TX and across Whiskey Bay into New Orleans, LA and of course down Bourbon Street before arriving back home in Buena Vista, GA. During the journey, we felt temperatures as high as 112°F and as cool as 35°F. We were six feet below sea level on the Gulf Coast, and we trekked to heights of over 2 miles in the Colorado Rockies. Through all these extremes, our Straight Bourbon Whiskey became Compass Rose Straight Bourbon Whiskey, America’s Most Adventurous Spirit! Limited Release of 331 bottles presented in a handmade, wooden display box with expedition specific glassware  Aged on, and off, the American road and double barreled in #3 new charred white oak.

Tasting Notes:
Slight Campfire