Swamp Fox Distilling Company

Southern Secret - Muscadine Moonshine -  67.5% + ABV


What could be more Southern than muscadines and moonshine? Muscadine
Moonshine of course. Moonshine is not just a Southern thing but it's damn sure a major part of who we are! Down by the creek, under the barn, in the shed out back. Where the pioneers of modern distilling crafted the clear spirit was always a closely guarded secret but it is no secret that "Georgia Shine Likker" has always been some of the best in the world.

Expertly distilled from locally crafted muscadine grape wine, we take it slow and easy so a slight hint of the grape flavor peaks through. This superior product, while labeled “moonshine” is a bit of a process. Our proprietary technique creates a spirit that is amazingly smooth despite the proof and remarkably has no added flavors. The hint of grape and the slight sweetness you enjoy are all due to the distillation technique. Bottled at 135 proof for shipping requirements, Southern Secret is available at even higher proofs in select markets.


Tasting Notes:
Muscadine Grapes